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"Τα καλά πλοία αξίζουν τόσο,
όσο τα επ’ αυτών πληρώματα"

Κώστας Μιχαήλ Λαιμός
What we do


Crew training
Exceptional People Allowing You a Commercial Advantage

Thalpis manning and crew management service solutions are tailor-made to support the crewing needs of individual ship owners, operators, and managers allowing them to focus on the technical and commercial operations of their vessels. Thalpis provides a multi-national pool of well-trained and competent professionals who are selected and developed in accordance with your specific needs for a variety of cargo, tanker, chemical, LNG, offshore, cruise, ferry, leisure and specialized vessels. Through vigorously negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreements, Thalpis is able to offer the most competitive wage scales backed up by bespoke customer service.

What we do
Crew Management


We believe that effective crew training is the Cornerstone of success in order the seafarers to ascend the hierarchy.

Effective crew training for Thalpis means not only the development of the existing technical skills but also the development of the necessary soft skills that every seafarer should have in order to overcome the difficulties of the everchanging natural environment and related cultural diversities.
Our approach on seafarers training includes a holistic assessment of every seafarer’s competence, the development of existing skills and continuous improvement.
By utilizing unique learning technics and empowered by reputable Academic Institutes we train people to be prepared so that they can handle real life situations.
Respecting our clients, training investment means providing the training that meets their needs. Always more but no less.

What we do
Crew training


Crew management
Through our worldwide network of approved suppliers we source the best supplies to provide seafarers with the highest possible quality while we reduce operational costs for the operators.

We work closely with each vessel in order to establish a good and long-lasting relationship. This close relationship enables us to offer provisions for every crew nationality no matter where in the world. Our investment in software provides an easy ordering tool, which keeps the ordering and stock management process simple and transparent while the “single point of contact” approach increases efficiency and streamlines customers’ processes.
Our provisions management service assists our customers in achieving maximum efficiency within the allotted budget by reducing administration costs and resources allocation both ashore and onboard. The cost is fixed throughout the year without hidden surprises while the well-being of the seafarers is improved significantly.

Why Thalpis

We give you a real commercial advantage.


The Difference is Our DNA.

Thalpis was born thanks to the passion and great commitment of everyone at its inception. The desire to succeed is deep-rooted and is in our DNA. We know what it is to operate and charter a vessel in the face of tough competition and we also know that success would not be possible without hard work and sacrifices.
Our management team embodies an average of more than 20 years in the frontline of ship operations. Knowledge and experience are uniquely blended with innovation, creating effective yet cost effective solutions of the highest standards.
We believe in being there for our customers to give them the competitive edge over their competitors and win. We listen to what our customers say, while at the same time looking for ways to help them to meet industry challenges. The results and achievements of our customers justify our efforts and spur us on.

It is of no consequence how difficult and uncomfortable the way forward was or will be. We believe in a world where hard work and transparency pays off.
We are Thalpis and we are proud of it.

Our Way

We are Thalpis and we do it our way.
Clients first

First, and above all else, we place the needs of our clients. We continuously work to understand your individual needs and strive to resolve every concern to your satisfaction. We feel responsible to ensure your success. We let this responsibility set the direction of our work and guide our actions.


We never settle for the status quo. Instead, with speed and foresight, we anticipate challenges that lie ahead. We consider the future of shipping services as well as the future of your business, work to enhance our ability to picture the future and adapt to the ever-changing shipping environment. In this way, we help you to meet your goals and create a sustainable future.


We put great importance on enabling our employees to achieve their best through their work with each other. We believe that when a diverse group of individuals brings their unique worldviews together, shares their wisdom, and works toward a common goal, the results are extraordinary and far beyond what can be achieved by any one person.

Research & development

Our R&D division operates in multiple fields of excellence: manning, HSQE, software engineering, methodology and law.
Our research team explores new manning solutions, technological applications and regulatory challenges, improving our long-term performance, our processes and services.

The diverse nature of the shipping industry provides fertile ground for our R&D team, as demonstrated by the wide range of innovative solutions we keep producing.
From manning solutions to creating innovative software, our R&D professionals are called upon to find reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Where is Thalpis?

Our headquarters are located in Athens, Greece.
Our training and crew management centers are strategically located in Europe and in Asia.

Sri Lanka
Hai Phong

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